JC iHeater Intelligent Desoldering Station Digital Thermostat Heating Plate

Package: iHeater Pro - Standard
Option: Android Module


JC Aixun iHeater Pro- Intelligent Desoldering Station for iPhone X-11Pro Max PCB board teardown, iHeater Pro preheating separating desoldering tools for iPhone 11 Pro Max repair, JC Aixun iHeater Pro for iPhone X-11Pro Max logic board desoldering tools

JC Aixun iHeater Pro 3rd Gen Intelligent Desoldering Station For iPhone X-11Pro Max PCB Motherboard Repair

Product Features :
  1. Aixun intelligent desoldering station (3rd Gen)
  2. Intelligent desoldering / rework hot plate with temperature control
  3. Intelligent temperature control / protect the mainboard / soldering and desoldering
  4. 70-260°C safety adjustable, digital tube display, dual-button design
  5. Adopting integrated design of soldering and desoldering
  6. Disassemble and separate the mainboard
  7. Make logic board separation faster and simpler
  8. Modular design for future compatibility
  9. Compatible with the iPhone X, XS, XS Max, 11, 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max

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