LEISTO T12-11 Lead Free Soldering Station 75W Soldering Iron

Voltage: 110V


LEISTO T12-11 phone repair digital intelligent lead-free soldering station with 3pcs Soldering Iron Tip, Mobile phone soldering iron

Option AC 220V / 110V input, English language display, professional phone PCB soldering repair tool

Temperature rise to 350℃ in fast speed, just need "3 seconds", you can change the different soldering irons when it is hot-pluggable status, Easy to use, The function is obvious and powerful, very strong practicability and more faster constant-temperature speed.with independent intelligent temperature control system and heating system, the temperature control accuracy within the limits of ±5℃, innovative talent dormancy technique, When the soldering irons pen back into the holder, tip temperature to 150℃ automatically, picked up the pen again, the pen temperature rose to the set temperature quickly,

Features : 
  1. Just need 3 seconds, you can do welding work
  2. Sleep function, Energy saving 30%-70%, don't need add tin to protect solder
  3. Independent intelligent temperature control system and heating system, heat transfer efficiency increased by 30%.
  4. Continuous welding of five solder joints, the maximum loss of temperature less than 25℃.
  5. High efficiency anti-static function, electromagnetic shielding function, can be free to deal with all the electronic components of the special requirements
  6. The welding speed is improved, and the production efficiency is improved 30%-50%
  7. Lower temperature welding, below 50-100 ℃ than other welding tools, it is not easy to burn the bad components and circuit boards.
  8. Low temperature welding plus sleep technology, the integration of welding nozzle long life
  9. The working life is 1-2 times of others tool

Technical Specification : 

  • MODEL T12-11
  • Power 75W
  • Voltage Input: 220V / 110V; Output: 24V
  • Temperature Range 100~400°C
  • Temperature Stability ±2° (No load still air)
  • Soldering tip resistance to ground <2Ω
  • Soldering tip potential to ground <2mV

Installment Steps : 
  1. Plug the iron tip into handle
  2. Connect the handle to iron handpiece stands
  3. Connect the iron handpiece stands to the main control station
  4. Connect the main control station to the electricity supply outlet
  5. Adjust the operating temperature you need

Operation Steps : 
  1. Connect handle to the outlet behind main control station
  2. Connect power cord to the outlet behind main control station
  3. Select operating temperature that you require on LCD display
  4. Choose one cartridge you want on the cartridge stand
  5. Align the selected cartridge to the corresponding hole on handle and connect both, slightly press it down to join them together and pick it up. Then push it hard into the iron tip extractor to fasten the cartridge and handle together
  6. Now the equipment can work after several seconds

Working State and Working mode (including the user manual):

When iron handpiece departs from the stand, the buzzer starts to alarm and LCD display should be always on, and the cartridge should be in working temperature.

Sleeping mode : 
When iron handpiece comes back to its stand, LCD display turns to dark after 3 seconds, and the cartridge should reduce to the sleeping setting temperature.

Stop mode : 
When iron handpiece comes back to cartridge stand, the buzzer starts to alarm, the LCD display has been in the state of dark, and the equipment stops heating to cartridge

Package List :
  • 1pcs x LEISTO T12-11 come
  • 3pcs Welding head

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