iFIX RT300M TV LCD LED Display Backlight Tester Diagnostic Tool



iFIX RT300M LED Backlight Tester -Fault Diagnostic Tool LCD TV Screen LED Light Strip Tester Laptop Voltage Testing LED Display Repair

iFIX RT300M Backlight Tester Fault Diagnostic Tool is designed for TV LCD LED backlight testing. You can get its real voltage and current data with its digital display screen.

* Smart identification between lamp bead and light bar, anode and cathode, which protect the lamp bead from burning out, after finishing test for 30S, enter sleep mode without electric shock.
* Short connect the probes to wake. Available for smart and infinite adjustment at 300mA wide current range.
* Short connect probes for 3S, adjust the maximum constant current value at 1-300mA.

Input voltage: AC 90 ~ 265V
Output voltage: DC 0 ~ 300V
Output current: DC 0 ~ 300mA

Package List :
1 x RT300M LED Backlight Tester


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