Vacuum Separator Split-screen Machine with UV Lamp for Screen Assembly



FL-669A 8 inch 220V LCD Screen Separator with Built-in Vacuum Pump, Split-screen Machine with UV Lamp for Screen Assembly

LCD Separator Machine Size: 280x160x85mm(LxWxH)
Heating Plate Size: 200x100x25mm (LxWxH)

1. Vacuum Separator with UV lamp
2. Clear 3bit digital display screen, easy to read
3. PID programmable temperature control technology, the temperature is easily adjustable, accurate and stable
4. The heated aluminum plate is smooth and flat, ensuring a uniform surface temperature
5. Built-in high quality vacuum pump, strong suction, low noise and long lifespan
6. Designed with a USB interface, suitable for charging most mobile phone on the market
7. Suitable for 8 inch various brand mobile phones

1. Put the high temperature silicone pad on the heating plate and align it;
2. Put the phone screen on the silicone pad, turn machine on, and set the temperature to 80 degrees;
3. Start the vacuum pump, preheat for about 5-7 minutes, the mobile phone screen begins to separate.


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