25mm Fixing Ring with Screw For Stereo Microscope Stand Holder



25mm microscope stand fixing ring with screw for extended bar bracket support for industrial stereo microscope video camera stand holder metal pillar bar, 25mm microscope fix position ring holder metal column pillar bar adapter with screw, 25mm microscope holding ring for trinocular stereo microscope camera holder, metal pillar bar 25mm fixing ring with screw preventing sliding

25mm Holding Ring with Screw For Microscope Extended Bar Bracket Fixing

Product Specification :
  • Item name: Holding Ring with Screw
  • Color: Black
  • Type: Metal ring and screw
  • Material: Plastic + Metal
  • Ring Diameter: 25mm
  • Application: For stereo microscope extended stand fixing
  • Features: 25mm, fits most microscope extended stand
  • Prevent damage caused by falling microscope objective

Package included:
  • 1pcs x Holder Limit Ring

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