7-45x Trinocular Stereo Microscope with 1080P HDMI Digital Camera



7-45X Trinocular Stereo Microscope with 1080P HDMI CMOS Microscope Camera with LED Adjustable Light and 0.5X Objective for Cell Phone PCB Repair Working and Inspection

Scotty allen ( Former Software engineer ) recommend: https://youtu.be/MBFyGzrClsI

Minsvision brand is the famous microscope factory supplier in china, and It is Professional-grade Repair Tools for PCB observation, electronic elements fixing, carving, mobile phone repair and so on.

Product parameters:
Eyepieces : 10X large field flat eyepiece field of view diameter 20mm
Objectives: 7-8-10-15-20-30-35-40-45X zoom continuously zoom in
Binocular observation head: pupil distance 55-77mm diopter adjustment light degree 45
tilt 360 rotation
Field of view range: 31.2mm-5.1mm
Total magnification: 7-45X
Working distance: effective working distance 100mm
Adjustment range: lift adjustment range 45mm pole adjustment range 140mm
Base plate: with tablet and 95mm black and white work plate

Package List:
1x Trinocular stereo microscope with LED & Dimmer
1x Microscope Stand
1x 1080P CMOS Microscope Camera with HDMI Cable
1x Dust Cover
1x Microscope Power;
2pcs ( 1 pair) of WF10X/20mm eyepiece with rubber eye guards
1x 0.5X Objective

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