Microscope Fixed Base Aluminum Alloy Pad PCB Soldering Repair Mat

Color: Black
Package: 38cm*25cm Simple Pad


High Temperature Aluminum Alloy Pad Integrated Microscope Base Phone Maintenance Platform for Phone PCB Soldering Repair

4 kinds Microscope fixed base:
Option 1: 47cm*32cm aluminum alloy pad
Option 2: 41.5cm*29cm aluminum alloy pad
Option 3: 38cm*25cm simple pad
Option 4: 48cm*32cm Silicone Pad
Option: Bracket (diameter 25mm, length 335mm) -- 0.7kg

- Multifunctional aluminum alloy base can fix your microscope;
- Aluminum alloy mat can protect you phone motherboard from static electricity damage;
- Integrated PAD can prevent scratching with welding workbench rubber;
- Precision maintenance pad is widely used in repairing mobile phone motherboard, also green oil, solder paste, screwdriver, chip, material, assemble&disassemble tools and other phone repair consumable items can be put in this storage pad, easy to take.

Material: Aluminum Alloy + Plastic
Color: Black / Blue / Golden / Red (just for aluminum alloy pad )
Type: Aluminium alloy integrated insulation repair mats ( Support microscope extend)
Weight of aluminum alloy base: 2.5kg
Size of the plastic base: 380 x 250 mm
Size of the aluminum alloy base: 415 x 290mm
Length of bracket(optional): both 335mm
Weight of bracket(optional): both 0.7kg
Construction: aluminum alloy base + extended insulation pad

- Anti-static, anti-acid, alkali-resisting, anti-corrosion
- Odorless, no deformation
- Non-skid, wear-resisting
- Retardant.
- Scrach resistant
- High temperature: ±500℃
- Storing a variety of small components


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