MS200 Integrated Microscope All-in-one Video Display Screen



MS200 Video All-in-one Integrated Microscope and Sophisticated Surveying Microscope Camera Machine with Display Screen

Main functions: Real-time observation, photographing, video, measurement, storage, data comparison, report output and related function expansion, iPhone / Cell phone motherboard Inspection Repair.

Integrated Electron Microscope Parameter:
Frames: 1920*1080P 60 frames/s
Optical magnification: 0.7-5X
Field of view: 1-33mm
Highlight circular LED light with adjustable brightness
12'' LED HD display
U disk image storage
Comes with measurement software
Adjustable working distance 60-150mm
DC 12V power supply

Four highlights of the instrument:
Best image visual experience, Best price performance ratio, Most ergonomically, Most 5S integrated management

The main parameters of the instrument:
Pixel: 2 million (color, HDMI)
Effective center distance: 150mm
Standard magnification: 35X--110X
Optional magnification: 18X--440X
Standard field of view: 24mmX9mm
Standard working distance: 100mm
Working voltage: 12V


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