Many people are using the iPhone now. Do you sometimes want to change something to make your iPhone different? We all know that when Apple's notebook is in use, the Apple logo on the back will glow, and it looks particularly cool at night. Can I make the logo on the back of our iPhone 6 shine? Today our PHONEFIX shop team will bring you a DIY modification tutorial for the iPhone logo.

Of course, there is a certain difficulty in lighting this iPhone logo. It requires professional tools, strong hands-on ability and some experience in teardown. Don't try if you have no technical skills, it will require disassembling or assembling cell phones.

The principle of the Apple logo on the back of the iPhone is very simple, and there are not many tools required. The most important thing is the LED logo light Flex Cable. The basic operation is to take down the Apple Logo on the back cover of the iPhone, and then attach the Apple logo that can be illuminated. Therefore, first prepare the Back LED Logo Light Flex Cable.

We recommend to buy 16 kind Colorful Back LED logo light, it is used for replacing the flex cable on the rear parts of your iPhone. The iPhone light logo is designed for 16 kind colors shows including white, red, green, blue, sky blue, Purple, orange, etc. The cool glow lamp logo are tested and confirmed in good condition, which will make your iPhone look more attractive and beautiful.

This Logo light is connected to the power cable of the iPhone screen and needs to be removed for iPhone installation. Here are the tools we need :

- Phillips screwdriver
- Tweezers
- Needle
- prying stick
- Prying sheet
- Phillips screwdriver
- Suction cup
- Insulating glue
- Battery glue

1. Turn off your iPhone and remove the SIM card. Then use a phillips screwdriver to remove the two screws on the bottom of the iPhone.

2. After removing the bottom fixing screw, using the suction cup to suck up the screen. Insert a little part of prying sheet and go along the whole screen, then the screen can be separated.

3. Remove the screws as marked in the picture, and take out the big metal sheet, small metal sheet and the vibrator.

4. Remove the battery glue on the battery. Tweezers the battery glue and pull it out slowly, then get out the battery. Remove the screw and remove the loudspeaker out.

5. Apply the melting glue to the place where the apple logo is placed. After the 10 seconds later, pry the logo slowly by box cutter along the gap.

6. After taking out the logo, please clean out thoroughly. Put the new LED logo light Flex Cable in it and stick the tape.

7. Re-install the vibrator, paste the battery glue and put the battery in it. After all is done,please assemble the screen. Then the new logo will work.

In addition, the logo light is bright with the brightness of the screen. When the screen is not lit, the logo light will not be lit, avoiding unnecessary power consumption. Is it very cool?

The above is a tutorial for making the Apple logo on the back of the iPhone. If you have any questions, please contact me at

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