Alloy Steel Cutting Wire 0.08mm Phone Glass LCD Screen Separating

Package: Option 1


0.08mm Alloy Steel Cutting Wire with 2 Handle Bars for Phone Glass LCD Display Screen Separating

high hardness, high wear resistance Screen separation diamond wire separator line

Option Type :

  • Option 1: Lenght 100M with handle
  • Option 2: Lenght 500M with handle

No screen separator of DIY users do not buy, Insist on using gold wire isolated directly cover certain fragmentation off, instead of buying a gold wire can be isolated directly fragmentation external screen, the trouble to find out

Usage : After using a separate machine heating broken screen , can be separated from the cutting line drawing.

Specification :

  • Material: Molybdenum wire & Plastic
  • Color: As picture shown
  • Size: 0.08mm * 100m, 0.08mm * 500m

Package List :

  • 2 * Plastic Handle
  • 1 * Molybdenum Cutting Wire 

Note: Can not direct use of cutting wire separation, be sure to use with heat separator.

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