0.25mm BGA Reballing Steel Stencil Template For iPhone 5S 6 6SP X NAND

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Option: iPhone 5S 6 6P NAND
$2.50 $4.50


2-IN-1 iPhone PCIE NAND BGA reballing steel stencil template, iPhone 6 6S 8 8P X NAND BGA reballing stencil net, 0.25mm Apple NAND BGA reballing steel stencil template for all series iPhone iPad NAND Flash IC Chip and Baseband soldering repair

2-in-1 32/64bit BGA Reballing Stencil Template 0.25mm BGA Stencil Net for iPhone 5S/6/6P/ 6S/6SP/7/7P NAND Flash

[ Optional BGA Stencil ] :
  • Option 1: iPhone 6 NAND
  • Option 2: iPhone 6S PCIE NAND
  • Option 3: iPhone X 8 8P NAND

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