1 Pair ESD Gloves Anti-skid Electronic Working Gloves For PC Computer



1 pair anti-static gloves for phone PC computer repair tool, ESD safe phone repair gloves for finger protection, Anti-skid safety gloves electronic industrial ESD work gloves, when you repair phone electronic components, anti-static gloves ensure that no damaged on sensitive components.

Anti Static ESD Safe Universal Gloves Electronic Working Gloves Full Fingers

Made of breathable polyester material, these White Anti Static Gloves are work continuously, discharging static harmlessly.
These Electric Working Gloves can be used in different environments such as the laboratory, aeorspace, electronics and semiconductor industries. A must for anyone who frequently works inside a computer.
Anti-Static Gloves are worn by computer enthusiasts and field technicians to prevent damaging static discharge while working on static-sensitive equipment.

Material: Polyester
Color: White
Type: Full finger Stripe Pattern
Size: Medium size fits most adults comfortably

Package List:
1 Pair x ESD Safety Gloves

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