10 / 15 Grids Plastic Storage Box Container for Phone Repair Parts

Size: 10 Grids


10 / 15 Grids Transparent Plastic Storge  Box Organizer for Phone Repair Tools with Removable Dividers

  • High quality transparent box for your good version.
  • The material for this environmental storage box won't release any damage gas.
  • Versatile storage container, the vertical slots can be taken out to store for different lengths.
  • 10 / 15 compartments grids can meet your demand for its light and compact,easy to store and find what you need in your phone repair shop.
  • Put all kinds of solder paste, glove, ics, motherboard, tweezer, screen opening tools, screwdrivers and so on.
  • High environmental protection material, anti acid, alkali-resisting, resistant to high temperature and corrosion, protect your parts from any pollute.

  • Color: white transparent
  • Capacity: 10/15 grids
  • Application: Glove, parts, chips, blades, other small repair tools
  • Material: Acrylic Plastic
  • Small Size Marking: 13.7*6.5cm
  • Big Size Marking: 17*9.7cm

Package List: 
  • 1pc x Plastic Storage Box

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