100VB27 NFC Control IC ST33G1M2 Codec IC For IPhone XS MAX XS XR

Package: 100VB27


NFC Control IC ST33G1M2 Codec IC for iPhone XS Max XS XR, 72 Pins Control IC Replacement Parts for iPhone XS XR XS Max eWallet Payment Chip Replacement Codec Chip, Replacement Part for iPhone NFC Control IC MCU IC, ST33G1M2 MCU IC 32Bit Microcontroller IC Chip for iPhone XS XS MAX repair.

100VB27 NFC Codec IC ST33G1M2 MCU IC Replacement for iPhone XS XS MAX XR

Option Model:
  • Option 1: 100VB27- NFC Controller IC
  • Option 2: ST33G1M2 - MCU IC

  1. Brand New
  2. Model : 100VB27 / ST33G1M2
  3. Compatible with: iPhone XS / iPhone XS Max / iPhone XR

Note: Chip needs to be soldered on the main board. Replacing the IC is not an easy job and professional tools are also needed. We suggest do it by a professional person.

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