128G 64G Nand Flash IC Memory Expand Storage IC For iPad Pro 6 5 4

Package: Default
Option: iPad 2 New 16G


NAND flash memory for iPad 2 3 4 5 6 Pro 16G 24G 64G 128G Nand memory storage, default iPad Nand with unlocked SN code, Replacement parts for old Nand on iPad, it can upgrade the memory storage and repair damaged Nand Hard-disk, write right SN number, writing SN Number / SN Code for ipad Pro 6 5 4 3 2 air Nand.

128G 64G iPad Pro 6 5 4 3 2 Air Nand Flash HDD with SN Number

The default iPad Nand with unlocked SN code, and remove by pass locked ID. If you need fix Nand error or upgrade Nand storage, must write the same SN number on the nand. You need tell us the SN number, then we will write the right SN to this HDD

If you need write the righ SN number on Nand, it is 4.0USD/pcs

Optional Types:
  • Option 1: iPad old 2.1 16G
  • Option 2: iPad old 2.1 32G
  • Option 3: iPad 2 New (2.4) 16G
  • Option 4: iPad 2 New (2.4) 32G
  • Option 5: iPad 3 16G
  • Option 6: iPad 3 32G
  • Option 7: iPad 3 64G
  • Option 8: iPad 4 16G
  • Option 9: iPad 4 32G
  • Option 10: iPad 4 64G
  • Option 11: iPad 5/air 16G
  • Option 12: iPad 5/air 32G
  • Option 13: iPad 5/air 64G
  • Option 14: iPad 5/air 128G
  • Option 15: iPad 6/air2 16G
  • Option 16: iPad 6/air2 32G
  • Option 17: iPad 6/air2 64G
  • Option 18: iPad 6/air2 128G
  • Option 19: iPad pro 128G
  • Option 20: iPad pro 256G
  • Option 21: iPad pro 512G

All iPad HDD Kit is tested by our test fixture tool, and 100% good status for using, you just using it, save your money.

If you haven't find the right HDD kinds, Please tell your needed model, capacity, quantity, brand new or used ones by email.

If you are not professional, please don't order this product, we don't accept returning, because, you also need the iPhone / iPad IC Chip Programmer.

For apple nand flash chips ( iPhone / iPad HDD):

  1. From original iphones or ipads, used, not brand new, 100% tested well for using.
  2. With some underfill, you should do some cleaning and reballing disposal before use it;
  3. 100% tested by our special tool ( 32bit / 64bit iphone IC Chip Programmer), but not surely 100% for your using because of skills of soldering. Usually above 95% for your using as the experience of repairmans in china.
  4. Brand: Hynix , Toshiba, Sandisk, few Sumsang
  5. We just remove from iphones or ipads, and test by our special Apple NAND Flash programming tool, not programmed the SN Code.
  6. Please tell your needed model, capacity, quantity, brand new or used ones by email.

Package includes:

  • 1pcs x Nand Flash IC

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