138℃ Low Temperature Lead-Free BGA Soldering Paste Flux

Type: Needle tube
Size: 42g


PHONEFIX 138℃ Low Temperature Lead-Free Solder Paste Sn42 / Bi58 Soldering Paste Flux for Mobile Phone Motherboard PCB Circuit Board BGA Stenciling Welding

Option Type:
  • Option 1: FIX-230 Sn42/Bi58 - Needle tube - 42g
  • Option 2: FIX-231 Sn42/Bi58 - Canned - 55g

  1. The melting point of low temperature is about 138℃, Solder joints turn off, Good temperature and moisture, Full solder joint
  2. Lead free is environmentally friendly. It contains no lead but silver, good conductivity and higher price (lead is harmful to human body, when welding the motherboard, people will breathe in lead, which is toxic substances, not conducive to the health of the repairmen)
  3. Strong continuous printing performance, suitable for fine pitch IC and BGA and precision components welding.
  4. Good wettability, good resistance to cold collapse, thermal collapse and strong dry resistance.
  5. Suitable for PCB welding with various high requirement materials, fine pitch and high precision components.
  6. It is full and bright after the solder paste is applied on PCB, and the residue is less white and transparent, and no fluorine and other highly corrosive substances.

Package includes:
  • 1pc x 138℃ Low Temperature Solder Paste

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