1503D+ Adjustable Regulated Dc Power Supply 5V 3A LED display

Voltage: 110V


UD 1503D+ 15V 3A dc power supply for iphone / Samsung phone repair

Product name: 1503D+ regulated dc power supply
Optional Input voltage: 110V / 220V ±10%50/60Hz
Output: 0V~5V~15V - regulated
Output current: Max 3A
Maximum power: 25W MAX
Volume: L 17.2 cm* K 14.2 cm*G 19.6cm


Professional-grade switching DC power supply for fix phone tools.

protection function.
Double LED display of voltage and current, high precision. 
Voltage stabilization, current limiting, simple operation feature the DC power supply.
Dual voltage input and convenient choice.
Temperature control fan heat dissipation, low noise.
Double potentiometer, more precise adjustment.
With replaceable fuse, convenient to change the protective tube.
Applied in production line test, phone repair, battery charging...

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