168pcs Watch Link Pin Remover Case Opener Repair Tool Kit for Watchmaker



168pcs Multifunctional Watchmaker Tool Watch Opening Repair Tools Kit Metal Spring Bar Remover Battery Replacement Tool Back Cover Opening Tool Kit - Beginners

  1. Professional DIY Tool Set, help you through watch battery changes, watch band resizing, caseback opening, strap sizing, bracelet adjustments, gasket replacement and all other common watchmaking tasks.
  2. The package comes with 168 pieces watch repair kit with a carrying case includes spring bars tools, watch band link pin tools, watch band link remover, case opener kit, watch holder and screwdriver set, fit for both professional and beginner.
  3. The all in one watch repair kit are superior quality that fit for normal watch repair requirement.
  4. Watch repair kit is ideal for opening the back of the watch, replace the watch battery, adjust the strap, gaskets and other common needs. Come with a black nylon carrying zipper case for the sake of convenient storage, easy to take care of them and get the job done by anywhere.

168 PCS Watch Repair Kit Professional Spring Bar Tool Set
3 Precision screwdriver for removing battery covers (1.0mm, 1.2mm, 1.4mm)

  • Adjustable Watch Back Case Opener
- Excellent for opening waterproof cases. It has adjustable tempered pins for easy use of water-resistant cases.
-Material: Stainless steel
-Size: 2.7” * 1.1” * 0.45” / 70mm * 28mm * 11mm (L * W * H)
-Adjustable jaw distance from 12 mm to 57 mm

  • Adjustable Watch Case Holder
-Suitable to hold watch case from 10mm to 50mm -Material: Metal + Plastic
-Size:2.5” * 2” * 1” / 6.5m * 5cm * 2.5cm
-Color: Black

  • Pin Punches
-Material: stainless steel
-Size: 2” in length, 0.7mm, 0.9mm, 1.0mm in diameter

  • Watch Back Case Open Tools Set
All-Metal Watch Band Link Remover
-Fits bands up to 30mm in width comes with 3 extra Pins
-Material: steel
-Size: approx. 2.6” * 1” * 1” / 6.6 x 2.5 x 2.5 cm
-Color: silver

  • Watch Band Holder
-Material: plastic
-Size: approx. 2” *2”
-Color: yellow

  • Dual Head Hammer
-Material: metal & nylon
-Size: approx. 7.5” in length

  • Watch Band Strap Link Remover Tools Set
Spring Bar Tool Kit
-Spring bar link pin remover with 4 extra tips for strap adjustment/replacement
-Material: stainless steel
-Size: approx.5.4” in length and 7 mm in diameter

Package Included:
  • 168pcs x Professional Watch Repair Kit Set

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