16Pcs Pry Opening Repair Tool Set For Phone LCD Screen Disassembly



16 IN 1 Phone Disassembling Repair Tools Set, Plastic Spudger Thin Blade Pry Opening Tools Kit For Mobile Phone Screen Opening Hand Tools

  1. Easy to use and convenient to operate.
  2. High quality, durable and high precision material.
  3. Double Heads Spudgers help you open the LCD screen more conveniently.
  4. Plastic triangle cards for phone opening repair
  5. High precision spudger to repair phone components.
  6. Plastic spudgers help you open the LCD screen of your phone without any damage.
  7. Professional repair tools help you to get assistance during repairing devices.
  8. Suitable for repairing mobile phones, tablet PCs, glasses,screens, camera, etc.

  • Number: 16 pcs / Kit
  • Weight: approx. 120g
  • Material: Plastic and steel 
  • Application: Mobile phone, tablets, PC Repair

Package includes:
  • 1pcs x Silver Double Heads Spudger
  • 1pcs x Black Spudger
  • 1pcs x Blue level tool
  • 1pcs x GB-5A Steel Blade
  • 6pcs x Plastic level tools / Spudgers
  • 3pcs x Blue Plastic triangle cards
  • 2pcs x Green Plastic triangle cards
  • 1pcs xSuction Cup

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