17cm Anti-static Dust Brush Cleaning Tool for PCB BGA Repair Soldering



Black Synthetic Fiber Anti-static Brush for Phone PCB SMD Sensitive Components Cleaning Tool - 17cm

  • 100% new quality.
  • Great to clean hided dust and old glue.
  • Anti-static brush for mobile phone PCB SMD sensitive components cleaning tool
  • Widely applied for cleaning your keyboard, mobile phone components, computer fan, or laptop etc...
  • An essential cleaning tool for professional Phone Repair Technicians

  1.  At Home:Good for door and window tracks, power tools, and anything handheld that becomes dirty that you shouldn't get wet.
  2. In the Car/Truck:This brush kit has everything you will need to keep your vehicle interior clean.
  3. In the Lab:Great for cleaning up PCBs in the lab, even in hard-to-reach places!
  4. Clean the Keyboard, Clean the Car Interior, the small brushes are great to clean hided dust from the vents.


  • Brush material: Plastic
  • Brush wire material: PA
  • Color: Black
  • Length: 17cm

Package List:

  • 1pc x Anti-static Cleaning Brush

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