17pcs Mechanic S1016 Ultra Thin Blades Set For PCB BGA Repair Knife



Mechanic S1016 CPU BGA chip ultra thin blade set for smartphone PCB mainboard repair, BGA remove tool glue knife disassembly cleaning tool ( 1pcs handle + 16pcs blades ), with the scale on blades, BGA ultra thin blade set used for remove IC Chip CPU BGA for iPhone motherboard repair, operate convenient

Mechanic S1016 Plus BGA Repair Ultra Thin Blade Set CPU BGA on Smartphone Mainboard PCB Repair Tools

Blade Features : 
Heat treatment specifications:
  1. Sample quenching: 780-820℃, Water-cooled
  2. Starting temperatures: 1000-1050℃, ending temperature 850℃
  3. Quenching temperature: 730-760℃
  4. Quenching hardness 58HRC

This Blade has a heat resistance, low temperature, anti-oxidation, corrosion, resistance, abrasion resistance, toughness.

Shovel UV Glue Knifes List : 
  1. 1pcs x #0 T S016 Handle
  2. 1pcs x #MCN-A Knifes, Remove Phone IC, CPU Baseband
  3. 1pcs x #MCN-B Knifes, Shovel Glue ( Remove UV glue)
  4. 1pcs x #MCN-C, Rubber Shovel UV Glue Knife
  5. 1pcs x #MCN-D, Separate rubber shovel Glue Knife
  6. 1pcs x #MCN-E, Remove Glue on Marginal place
  7. 1pcs x #MCN-F, Remove Glue on Marginal place (IC)
  8. 1pcs x #MCN-G, Remove IC on Motherboard
  9. 1pcs x #MCN-H, Remove IC
  10. 1pcs x #MCN-I, Remove 6S Power IC

Added: "Z Y X W V T" 6 Kinds Blades.

Added: #MCN-J, "J" Curved Blade ( Cutting Knife ), Pry BGA CPU Chip, Fast remove A8 A9 A10 CPU

Package List : 

  • 1pcs x Dual-purpose Knife Handle
  • 16pcs x Blades

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