-180℃ Freezing Separator Machine Curved Screen Disassemble Repair

Voltage: 110V


-180°C Professional Freezing Separating Machine Refrigerated Fridge for Mobile Phone LCD Touch Curved Screen Disassemble Repair

1. The newest frozen separation technology, More efficient and safe, not hurt LCD;
2. Suitable for all touch screen smart phones in the market, (including for Samsung S6 S7 Edge S8 series;)
3. Three models, to meet the different scale of the repair shop, different sizes of mobile phones, iPad;
4. Ultra low temperature technology, does not require liquid nitrogen.
5. The minimum temperature can reach -180 degrees
6. Ultra thick sealing insulation material to keep constant temperature and rapid cooling without waste power.
7. Universal sliding wheels is convenient for transportation and adjust the height difference.
8. Safety circuit system, over heat protection, short circuit protection, over current protection
9. 12 months warranty, online technical support and training is provided.
10. Is a necessary machine for repairing the Samsung curved surface screen

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