183℃ Lead-free Solder Paste Soldering Tin Cream for iPhone CPU BGA

Type: Needle tube
Size: 42g


SHigh Quality 183℃ Medium Temperature Sn62.8 / Pb36.8 / Ag0.4 Lead-Free Solder Paste for Phone Motherboard BGA Chip Soldering Tin Cream

Two types of packaging:
  • Syringe packaging: Needle tube - 42g
FIX-229 Sn62.8 / Pb8 / Ag0.4
  • Canned packaging - 55g
FIX-228 Sn62.8 / Pb36.8 / Ag0.4

  1. Medium temperature Solder paste with lead, melting point is 183℃, Sn62.8 / Pb36.8 / Ag0.4
  2. Good conductivity, Shining solder joints, Good moisturizing, Full solder joint, Good tin drop performance
  3. With strong continuous printing performance, it is suitable for fine pitch IC, BGA and relatively nice component soldering.
  4. Wettability and demould properties are good, anti-cold & hot collapse and anti-dry are strong.
  5. Applicable to a variety of high-demand materials PCB welding, nice pitch and high-precision components and few tin-connection tombstoning displacement phenomenon.
  6. Full tin and shinning tin beads, less residue, white and transparent, and there is no strong corrosive substance such as fluorine.

Package includes:
  • 1pc x 183℃ Solder Paste

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