1mm*10m Length Strong Adhesive Double Sided No Trace PET Red Film

Width: 3mm


1mm Thick / 10m Length Strong Acrylic Adhesive No Trace PET Red Film Double Sided Tape for Phone Tablet LCD Screen Car LCD TV Glass

Features :
Waterproof, solvent resistant, high temperature resistant, good consistency on curved surfaces, filling uneven surfaces. Good adhesion at high temperature and bottom temperature, excellent holding force, good temperature resistance, good moisture resistance, high adhesion strength on rough and non-rigid surfaces, and excellent resistance Shear strength, high bonding strength, peel strength, excellent initial tack for the bonding characteristics of the digital industry

Used for :
For Car trims, front trims, rear trims, sill strips, rear guards, stainless steel fuel tank trims, pedals, door handles, wheel arcs, chokes, plate brake lights, corner bumpers, bumper Collision plate, name plate, signage, jeep bumper skirt, automobile metal trim, water guide strip, sealing strip, interior panel, auto parts fixing; assembly of mirrors, rain and rain shields, various panels, roof panels; Paste the letters on the nameplate of all kinds of cars / motorcycles. 

Adhesive fixing of electronic street signs, LED boards and sign frames
Household appliances and other panels, decorative strips, air-conditioning equipment assembly, glass LED and other assembly and fixing, steel plate bonding, rib bonding, fixing glass and stainless steel fixing.

For Mobile phone, PCB, assembly, LCD TV panel bonding, fixing nameplate, sign bonding, fixing; door and window assembly, glass curtain wall, aluminum curtain wall, elevator wall panel installation and fixing.

Specification :
  • Thickness: 1mm thick
  • Length :10m
  • Width : 3mm 5mm 8mm 10mm 15mm 20mm
  • Sticky: 120U
  • Substrate: PET film
  • Glue: Acrylic

Package List :
  • 1pc x PET Red Film Double Sided Tape

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