1MM Nano Magic Tape Double Sided Reusable Waterproof Adhesive

Width: 2CM


Transparent Nano waterproof double sided tape is for fixing and protecting the items, the Nano double sided adhesive tape with ultra-strong gel,which is washable and reusable, and it's easy to remove without damaging the items. 

Washable Reusable Waterproof Nano Double Sided Tape Transparent Adhesive Sticker 


Washable and reusable double-sided adhesive tape 
Super gel formula to fix and protect items
Cutable, easy to use
Harmless, easy to remove without damaging the items
Environmentally friendly, recyclable, safe and non-toxic


Material: Nano PU Gel
Color: Transparent 


Length: 3M, Width: 3CM, Thickness: 1MM
Length: 3M, Width: 2CM, Thickness: 1MM

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