1PC 45 Degree Curved Nozzle for 850 Series Soldering Rework Station

Size: 2mm


1PC 45 Degree Extended Length Heat Gun Nozzle f or 850 Series Hot Air Soldering Station for Phone Motherboard BGA Chip Desoldering Repair Tools

  • 45 degree angle microscope Extended length Heat Gun Nozzle for 850 Series Hot Air Soldering Station.
  • 2mm 4mm 5mm 8mm 9mm extra thin long type Hot Air Gun Nozzle Set for 850 Series BGA Rework Station.
  • Professional Customized universal Heat Gun Nozzle for mobile phone motherboard BGA chip desoldering repair.
  • Customized microscope 45 degree angle Extended length Heat Gun Nozzle For 850 Hot Air Soldering Station.

  • Material: Metal
  • Option Type: 2mm / 4mm / 5mm / 8mm / 9mm 

  1. This universal replacement nozzles can be compatible with different series heat gun: 850, 850B, 850b, 850A, 852, 852D, 852D+, 8502D+, 950, 952, 990A, 990D.
  2. Solve the problem of phone motherboard CPU side horizontal heating that cannot be solved by ordinary nozzle.
  3. Easy to install, offer good sight for operation ,easy to operate
  4. According to the size of air gun nozzles, you can choose the corresponding 45 degree nozzle sleeve

Attention: if loose, use pliers to pinch middle part.

  1. When you use a microscope, you are forced to use your hot air at an angle.
  2. This makes it more difficult to aim hot air directly on the chip or component you are trying to heat.
  3. With 45 Degree Curved Angle Nozzles, you can use your 861DW hand piece with a microscope and still aim your heat directly onto the Chip. 

Package included:
  • 1pc x 45 Degree Angle Length Heat Gun Nozzle

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