2 IN 1 Air Blower Ball Dust Cleaner Electronic Dust Cleaning Pen



2 in 1 Nozzle Cleaner Ball Air Blower Ball for Electronic PCB LCD Screen PC Keyboard Camera Lens Dust Removing Cleaning Tool

  • Product Name: Dust Cleaner
  • Type: 2 in 1 Nozzle Cleaner Ball
  • Model: RL-043A
  • Color: Green
  • Net Weight: 45g
  • Size: 150*51*51 mm
  • Applicable: Small products such as mobile phones, digital cameras, PADs, MP3 / MP4, watches, precision circuit boards, ect.

  1. Long and short metal spray design can clean all kinds of electronic equipment.
  2. The intake valve is made of copper-plated bright chrome, which is airtight and durable.
  3. It will not fall off after a long time of use.
  4. PVC environmentally friendly material, made of silicone material, thick and flexible.
  5. Ergonomically designed for easy grip and use to guide the strong airflow to blow away dust and other impurities from your equipment.

Package List:

  • 1pc x 2 in 1 Nozzle Cleaner Ball

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