2 IN 1 Dust Cleaning Air Blower Brush For Keyboard Camera Cleaner



2 IN 1 multifunction dust cleaning air blower brush removable dust remover tools, Air dust blower with soft brush for digital camera lens cleaning, LCD screens, keyboards and so on, rubber pump dust wiper with brush for phone clean repair tool

Multi-Function 2 IN 1 Air Blower Brush For Phone PCB Lens Dust Cleaning Tools

Features : 
Removable brush for use separately
High-quality materials: high-quality materials, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, durable
Perfect for cleaning digital SLR DSLR digital camera lens
Delivers a strong blast of air to remove dust particles from the target area
A blower brush is an essential tool for for cleaning any of your camera gear
The blower can be used to remove dust while the brush deals with more stubborn dirt
Clear dust: Provide powerful air jets to remove dust particles from the target area
Blower action: When the brush handles more stubborn dirt, the blower can be used to remove dust
Application to binocular lens, telescope lens, filters. computers, keyboards, antiques, optics, electronics, watch cleaning and mobile phones, etc.

Specification :
Item Type: Air Blower Brush
Material: Plastic & Fiber
Color: White+Black
Usage: Cleaning
Size: 8.5*4.5cm/3.35*1.77in

Package Includes :  
1*Air Blower Brush

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