2 in 1 LCD Display Touch Screen Testing Machine for iPhone 6S 6SP

Package: Option 1


2 in 1 iPhone LCD and Touch Screen Tester LCD Display Repair Machine for iPhone 6s 6s Plus

This iPhone LCD Tester can test touch screen function and LCD display function on 6s / 6s plus.
It's suitable for iPhone repair shop, During LCD Repair and separator, it's helpful.

Remark: This Tester (Optional 2) can't support touch screen function testing on 6s plus. just support LCD display function on iPhone 6sp

Optional 1: Support 6s
Optional 2: Support 6s + 6s plus (can't support touch screen function on 6s plus)

Package List:
1. 1 x LCD Touch Screen Tester
2. 1 x Battery;
3. 1 x Tester PCB Board;
4. 1 x Charger


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