2-IN-1 USB LED Adjustable Light + Dust-Proof Mirror for Microscopes



SS-033C USB Adjustable brightness LED Round Light + UV Oil Smoke Dust-Proof Mirror for Microscope

( M48X0.75mm; M44X0.75mm )

Are you still worried that the microscope is not dust-proof and difficult to clean?
SS-033C Dust-proof LED source add a dust-proof design that prevents contaminants from entering the microscope, keep your microscope no longer afraid of smoke

Sunshine SS-033C Microscope LED Light Source + Dust-Proof Mirror, Give your microscope a litter more care

  1. Embedded installation design is more space-saving.
  2. Aluminum gold appearance, beautiful, more technological sense.
  3. Round-shaped lampshade for evener transmission of light.
  4. USB power port, simple and practical.

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