24 Grid Wooden Desktop Storage Box for Phone Motherboard Display Tool

Package: 24pcs grid Blue


Multi-functional Wooden Desktop Storage Box Phone Repair Accessories Container for Cell Phone NAND IC Chip BGA Repair Kit - 24pcs / 48pcs Grid

Option Color: 
  • Option 1: 24pcs grid Blue
  • Option 2: 24pcs grid Yellow
  • Option 3: 24pcs grid Pink
  • Option 4: 48pcs grid Blue
  • Option 5: 48pcs grid Yellow
  • Option 6: 48pcs grid Black
  • Option 7: 48pcs grid Pink
  • Option 8: 48pcs grid Red-wood

Wooden Desktop Storage Box is premium quality material cell phone repair tools box, the multi-functional storage box will make your cell phone repair works more organized, the wooden storage box can be used in office, classroom or fitness place, which help you concentrate more on different repair works or activities. The cell phone repair tools will offer the best solution for professional repair technicians.

  1. Better collect cell phone parts, accessories, cell phone repair tools
  2. Make phone repair work or other activities more neat and organized
  3. Available for Mobile phone shops and various places
  4. Available for conference room, school classrooms, fitness place
  5. Offer neat environment, make work and study more efficient
  6. Conference room: offer more attentive work
  7. Classrooms: make students more focused and conscientious
Fitness place: Promote slimmer figure and healthier body

Package List:
  • 1PC x Wooden Desktop Storage Box

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