28 IN 1 Phone PCB BGA Chip Burin Graver Scraper Cutter BGA CPU Tool

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28 IN 1 phone motherboard disassemble blade set, iPhone PCB BGA chip burin Graver scraper for iPhone A8 A9 A10 A11 A12 A13 BGA Chip repair tool kit, it is used for CPU blade remove chip glue, Specialied iphone repair tool for edge rubber glue blade

28 IN 1 Phone PCB BGA chip burin Graver scraper cutter phone CPU blade dismantling chip glue

28 IN 1 new style iPhone ipad disassemble chip set
27 blades set with high toughness steel material and blades
multi-function set, titanium alloy handle

BGA CPU Chip repair remove tool and scraping knife high precision knife blades graver scraper for iPhone mainboard BGA CPU remove scrapers, solder paste spreaders, Rubber Shovel UV Glue Knife disassembly cleaning Graver.

Package list: 

27pcs * Blades  (New design)
1pcs *  Handle

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