3 in 1 SIM Card GSM Signal Testing Expansion Tool For All iPhone iPad

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IP 3 in 1 test card SIM card signal testing tool for all iPhone / iPad card version, 3 in 1 IP universal test card signal test expansion card, IP 3 in 1 test card signal test expansion card for iPhone smart phones, iPhone / iPad universal test card for GSM SIM card signal test expansion cards tray repair tool

GSM IP Universal Phone Test Card For iPhone iPad SIM Card Signal Testing Diagnosis Repair Tool

IP universal test card support almost GSM SIM card: Mobile Telecom Unicom three-network universality, IP universal test card fit for apple series (iphone or SIM version ipad), IP universal test card adopt immersion gold process and not easy to wear. place Nano SIM card of any operators to test your mobile phone signal without a card tray repair tool

[ Optional Types ] :
  • Option : 1 Generation for 4-X XS
  • Option : 2 Generation for XR XS MAX

Demo video: https://www.facebook.com/CNfixphone/videos/1784688451611234/

Preliminary diagnostic signal failure
IP universal signal test card tray
For iPhone/ipad (card version) three-network universality

Mobile card Unicom card Telecom card
1. This product is suitable for the whole Apple series, the whole iPad (card version) series, do not support other brands
2. This product has three card slot positions, which can be used to place Nano SIM card of any operators. The switch is used to switch the working status of three card slots.

Three different SIM cards are placed in three card slots
Three switch for switching 3 different SIM cards
Lanyard hole
Immersion gold process not easy to wear

How to use IP universal test card
  1. Insert the commonly used three major operators nano sim into the three card slots
  2. Making the front of the slot surface toward you, and insert it horizontally into the SIM cart slot
  3. Switch SIM. Adjust the switch to any of the three ABC gears to be used. The operator to be tested simultaneously pulls out the entire test deck and pushed it in to re-detect the new operator
  4. There is a nano sim card pin test point on the test card deck, which is convenient for repairing the mobile phone without reading the card for quick detection. When testing the signal of SIM card at the test point, it is necessary to turn off the phone and measure the ground resistance. When the phone is turned on, the voltage signal and waveform can be tested.

  • Material: PCB
  • Size: 72*19*2mm / 2.8*0.7*0.1 inch
  • Compatible with: For Apple / Android Nano-sim card

Package includes:
  • 1pcs x GSM IP Test Card
  • 1pcs x Operating Instructions

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