30g DRG-102 CPU Thermal Paste Containing Thermal Silicone Grease



DRG-102 CPU Thermal Paste Silicone Grease Silver-Containing Compound Grease Cream for AMD CPU IC Chip Heatink Repair

DRG-102 CPU thermal silicone grease has a good thermal conductivity, which makes the CPU/GPU and heatsink have a better touch, and reduce the gap between the heatsink and the chip. DRG-102 is high performance canned thermal compound grease paste, making the heat on the chip transfer to the heatsink faster.

  1. Apply to Rosh environmental requirements.
  2. High thermal conductivity and effective insulation.
  3. High temperature resistant.
  4. Low oil departs and non-corrosive.

  • Color: Grey
  • Weight: 30g
  • Storage: Sealed, 25°C, keep cool
  • Application: Intel AMD CPU IC Chip Heatink
  • Thermal Conductivity: >1.2w/m. k.
  • Thermal Resistance: >0.270C - in2/w.
  • Operation Temperature: -30-150 C.

How to use:
  1. Clean the surface needed to be smeared, and remove oil stains.
  2. Then directly extrude the thermal grease to uniformly smear the surface

Package includes:
  • 1pc x 30g DRG-102 Thermal Paste

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