3D Groove BGA Reballing Stencils Template For iPhone A12 XS MAX XR

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Option: A12 for XS MAX
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MiJing 3D BGA reballing stencils template steel net with stepped groove for iPhone A12 iPhone XS XR XS Max motherboard soldering repair, MJ 3D BGA rework stencils template net for iPhone A12 XS MAX XR, 3D new patented groove BGA reballing stencils for iPhone A12 motherboard repair, MJ 3D BGA reballing stencils CPU BGA steel net reball tool with stepped groove for iPhone A12 CPU motherboard soldering repair

MJ 3D BGA Reballing Stencils Template Steel Net with Stepped Groove For iPhone A10 XS XR XS MAX CPU Motherboard Soldering Repair

[ Optional Molds ] :
  • Option 1: MJ 3D A12 for iPhone XS / XR
  • Option 2: MJ 3D A12 for iPhone XS MAX

Product Features :
  1. Stepped groove design enables stencil to align with tinning position of IC rapidly.
  2. The square holes design makes it easier to take out the formed solder balls.
  3. This 3D stencil is easy to use no matter you are a new or expert.
  4. High success rate of planting tin, the solder balls can be formed once after you are proficient.
  5. This 3D planting stencil is thicker than ordinary stencils in the market. Less tendency of deformation makes its using life be longer.

MJ 3D A12: iPhone X XS MAX XR motherboard repair: NAND Flash, Touch IC, Baseband, Font IC, Audio IC, Power IC, A12 CPU

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