3M Black Double Side Adhesive Tape For Phone Touch Screen Repair

Width: 1mm


Super slim thin 1/2/3/5/6/8/10/12mm width black double sided adhesive tape for cellphone LCD touch screen, LCD display glass repair sticker, 1.0-3.0mm double sided tape adhesive sticker glue for smart phone screen repair.

3M Black double sided tape adhesive sticker for cell phone LCD touch screen repair

For mobile phone screen repairing 1.0-3.0mm width tape is best suitable. for ipad / table screen repair, 2.0mm to 4.0mm is good.

[ Option Black Double Sided Adhesive Tape ]:
Option 1: 1.0mm Width, 50M Lenght for phone screen repair
Option 2: 2.0mm Width, 50M Lenght for phone screen repair
Option 3: 3.0mm Width, 50M Lenght for phone screen repair

Option 4: 5.0mm Width, 50M Lenght
Option 5: 6.0mm Width, 50M Lenght
Option 6: 8.0mm Width, 50M Lenght

Option 7: 10.0mm Width, 50M Lenght
Option 8: 12.0mm Width, 50M Lenght

Material: Non-woven fabric, acrylic acid adhesive
Made of non-woven cloth and coating with acrylic on both sides, very easy to operate
Good Durability, temperature withstanding, strong adhesive, waterproof
Dedicated black double-sided stick tape
Ultrathin and ultra-powerful stickiness

Product Application: Widely used in the processing industry, including rubber and plastic bonding in the rubber and plastics industry. Suitable for refrigerator evaporators and control panel bonding, nameplate bonding, household appliances, automobiles, mobile phones, sponges, paper products, toy

Application technology: The bonding surface must be clean and dry. The best temperature range for adhesive tape application is 21-38°C. It is recommended that if the initial bonding temperature is lower than 10°C, it is not suitable for bonding. Therefore, the adhesive is too hard. It cannot be firmly bonded to an object; however, if it is already bonded, the tackiness at low temperatures is also satisfactory.

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