3pcs Eyelash Extension Cleaning Brush BGA Paste Flux Applicator Tool

Size: 3pcs/lot


3pcs/lot premium disposable eyelash extension cleaning brush, soldering paste flux stirring brush tool, BGA paste flux applicator extension disposable tool, silicone gel eyelash brush disposable tool for PCB board BGA paste flux stirring tool.

3pcs/lot Eyelash Brush Applicator BGA Paste Flux Extension Disposable Tool

Description :
  1. Use two kinds of usage. Can be used as eyelash brush, eyebrow brush can also be used.
  2. The brush head can be bended slightly as you need.
  3. Easy to use and convenient to carry. 

Specification :
  • Category: Eyelashes Brush
  • Material: PBT brush head with ABS plastic brush handle
  • Color: Black
  • Packing: OPP bag
  • The crowd: Female, Phone Repairmen

Package includes :
  • 3pcs x Eyelashes Brush

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