44pcs Universal DC Power Supply Adapter Connector Plug Power Adapter

Package: 40pcs Connectors


Universal DC power supply adapter connector plugs for laptop phone, different kinds DC power jacks, 5.5x2.5mm AC DC conversion head jack charger connectors laptop power adapter, Multi-type male jack for DC plugs for AC power adapter computer cables connectors for notebook laptop, laptop repair replacement parts for AC power plug into DC laptop socket.

44pcs Universal All Series Different Kinds Laptop DC Power Jacks DC Power Adapter 5.5x2.5mm Power Plug Connectors

  • Option 1: just 40pcs Connectors
  • Option 2: 40pcs + new 4pcs, total 44pcs Connectors

Male Plug: 5.5X2.1MM (also fit with 5.5X2.5MM') support latest DV3 4416 CQ40 CQ45, and new HP 7.4mm DC Power Jacks

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