4pcs Phone Opening Pry Repair Tools Set Steel Disassemble Crowbar



4pcs Professional Opening Pry Tools Set Rods Metal Steel Tablet Disassemble Crowbar for Phone Repair Tools

3pcs Crowbar:
  1. For a portable computer , tablet computer , intelligent mobile phone and other high-end digital products disassembly .
  2. A variety of crowbar head design , can solve the corner problem all digital products.
1pc Metal Steel Pry Bar:
  1. Ultra-thin stainless steel pry bar demolition touch-screen mobile phone shell split machine Alice tablets special tools for Apple.
  2. Mainly used for mobile phones, for iPad, flat-panel notebook touch screen (capacitive screen) are mostly fixed by double-sided adhesive, viscous strong, disassemble the machine can be heated when the first softening.
  3. With the tool, you can easily separate and avoid direct demolition Broken screen. 

Please allow 1-3mm error due to manual measurement and there will be different color as different display, please understand. Thanks.

Package List:
  • 3pcs x Plastic Crowbar
  • 1pc x Metal Steel Pry Bar

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