50pcs Non-dust Cleaning Cloth for Phone Screen Cleaning Tool



50Pcs 95*95mm Polyester Microfiber Dust-free Cloth Soft Cleanroom Wiper Non Dust Cleaning Cloth for Phone LCD Clean Repair Tool

  • 100% Polyester
  • Excellent strength
  • Class 1-10000 clean room
  • Good water absorption
  • Size: 95*95 mm


  • Soft,economic and effective.
  • Applicable for cleaning glass and LCD screen.
  • Good for wiping phone and laptop screen or smooth surface.
  • High absorption of water.
  • No dust or water stain left.
  • No detergent needed.
  • Both for dry and wet uses.

Package List:

  • 50pcs x 95*95mm Dust-free Cloth

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