5g Heatsink Plaster IC Thermal Cooling Paste Strong Adhesive



5g STARS-922 Heatsink Plaster IC Thermal Cooling Paste Strong Adhesive Compound Glue for IC Chip VGA Cooling

Heatsink plaster STARTS-922 is a highly viscous thermal silicone cooling adhesive that can be used for IC, RAM, VGA, memory, LED, electronic part, etc. STARTS-922 chip thermal silicone cooling adhesive has good conductivity, easy curing, strong adhesion, long storage time, safe non-toxic solvent.

  • Brand new, high quality
  • Heatsink plaster STARTS-922 can be safely applied in elastic adhesion, heat dissipation, insulation and encapsulation in electronics, electrical appliances, instruments, LED, heat sinks and other industries.
  • Because of its high viscosity, we don't recommend using it on the CPU or GPU processor.

  • Thermal conductivity: > 0.671W/m-K Thermal
  • Thermal conductivity: >0.671W/m.k
  • Surface curing time: 10MIN/25
  • Strength of connected buildings: 1.5map
  • Active use period: 10 (min)
  • Shelf life: 12 (months)
  • Net Weight: 5g
  • Color: White

Package List:
  • 1pc x 5g Heatsink Plaster

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