5Pcs 1.27mm Dispensing Needle Tips Round Hole for Solder Paste Syringe

Added function: Without Plunger


5pcs 1.27mm round hole dispensing needle tips, dispenser needles syringe tip needles, universal dispenser accessories for solder flux paste, it is an ideal auxiliary tool for cell phone soldering tin cream, the dispenser needle is used together with the flux paste, which can make the soldering work more convenient and fast.

PHONEFIX 1.27mm Round Hole Dispenser Needle For Soldering Tin Cream (5pcs/lot)

Rational matching
dispense with dilution and stirring, high utilization rate, no waste.
The metal round hole needle will prevent to waste solder flux material and provide solder flux exactly on the points that you want to solder.

Length: 1.2CM
Needle mouth: 1.27mm

You can choose added: Squeeze Plunger ( Without BGA Solder Paste ).

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