5V USB Shadowless UV Glue Curing LED Lamp Green Oil LED Curing Light

Package: Option 1


5V USB shadowless UV glue curing LED light for refurbish LCD screen and mobile phone repair tools, 5V USB UV light lamp, 5V USB UV glue curing lamp LED ultraviolet light for mobile phone circuit board repair, green oil curing purple light For iPhone / iPad circuit board repair.

5V USB Ultraviolet Light Lamp Shadowless UV Glue Curing LED Lamp

[ Optional Type ]:

Optional 1: T6 LED Ultra Violet Light Lamp
Optional 2: Small LED with control button and fixed clamp, For Fly Tying UV Glue Cure

Product Name: UV Curing Light
Main features: UV curing, Shadowless UV light, cell phone screen green curing, Yanchao, fluorescent detection, etc
Power wattage: 6-10W
Input voltage: 5V

Package includes:
1pcs x UV Curing Light

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