6 IN 1 Multi-Bit Driver Screwdriver Hand Tool phone opening repair

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Customized Precision Screwdriver Multi-Bit Hand Tool Set for mobile phone opening repair, specified 6 IN 1 Multi-Bit storage in the handle of the driver, 6-in-1 Multi Bit Driver switch between six different bit sizes.

PHONEFIX Multi-Bit Driver screwdriver Hand Tool for mobile phone opening repair

Most Common Multi Bit Mixed Precision Screwdriver for iphone Huawei Samsung xiaomi LG mobile phone opening repair, Phillips (1.2mm), Torx T2, Slotted (1.5mm), pentalobe(0.8mm), Y tri-point (0.6mm ), specified Phillips (2.5mm)


Multi-Bit Screwdriver
Bit Storage In Handle
Driver Type: 6-in-1
Shank Material: steel
Screwdriver Bit Material: S2 Steel
Bit Style: Phillips, Torx, pentalobe,Slotted,tri-point
Sizes Included:  1.2mm (+) / 0.6mm(Y) / 2.5mm (specified Phillips) / 0.8mm (★) / T2 Torx /  1.5mm(-)
PHONEFIX Multi-Bit Driver features a holder that is compatible with insert bits for convenient replacement.  The Stainless Steel Screwdriver contains 6 pcs bits screws. 

Bits included: 1.2mm (+) / 0.6mm(Y) / 2.5mm (specified Phillips) / 0.8mm (★) / T2 Torx /  1.5mm(-)

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