60W Lead-Free Electronic Soldering Iron Adjustable With 5pcs Tips

Voltage: 110V


110V/ 220V Lead-free soldering, 60W temperature-controlled electronic soldering iron

Features :
  1. Adjustable temperature controlled soldering irons: 200-450 °C (there is a knob wheel on the Electronic Soldering Gun for temperature adjust).
  2. Ideal for hobbies, kits, radios, and electronics work.
  3. Iron plated tip and stainless steel construction offer longer steel construction offer longer life.
  4. Phone repair lead-free soldering Adjustable Temperature Electronic Soldering Iron with 936, 900 iron head.
  5. Advantages: fast heating rate, welded at power supply for about 35~60 seconds. Compared with ordinary soldering iron, only adjust the knob on the handle, you can set the required temperature between 200 °C-450 °C.

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