64/128/256G Expand Storage NAND Flash Memory IC For iPhone 6S 6SP 7P

Package: 6S-128G
Option: Default


64G 128G Nand flash storage memory for iPhone 6S 6SP 7 7Plus expand storage, 64G/128G capacity upgrade memory for iPhone 6S 6SP 7 7Plus, NAND flash replacement memory storage, Pre-wirted the underlying data and right SN for iPhone 6S 6SP 7 7Plus

64G 128G HDD Expand NAND Flash Memory Storage with SN number For iPhone 6 6S 6SP 7 7Plus

[ Optional Types ] :
  • Option 1: 4-16G
  • Option 2: 4S-16G
  • Option 3: 4S-32G
  • Option 4: 5-16G
  • Option 5: 5-32G
  • Option 6: 5-64G
  • Option 7: 5C-16G
  • Option 8: 5S-16G
  • Option 9: 5S-32G
  • Option 10: 5S-64G
  • Option 11: 6 /6P-128G
  • Option 12: 6 /6P-16G
  • Option 13: 6 /6P-64G
  • Option 14: 6/6p-32G

Expand iPhone 6S 6SP NAND Flash Memory to 128G, the machine: PCIE NAND test fixture: Model: W015 and Model: W012

We sell iPhone 6S 6SP 64G 128G, you need tell us the SN number, then we will write the 6S 6SP HDD, the all functions will be okay, expand 6S 6SP NAND Flash Memory to 64G /128G.

Change the damaged or error HDD on iPhone 6S 6SP, can repair universal error: can't turn on the phone, wifi can't be used. other emerging Bluetooth can not be used.

Expand your iPhone 6S 6SP nand flash memory storage to 64G / 128G HDD

Note: New 6S 6SP hard-disk test fixture and programmer will be released at recently, just check our website news.

Step 1: Open the iPhone case, Get motherboard.
Step 2: Remove old 16G or damaged HDD on motherboard.
Step 3: Prepared 128G HDD (underlying data and right SN have be pre-writed).
Step 4: Fix the HDD correctly, pls test the voltage firstly, then, re-root.
Step 5: Expand your iPhone 6S /6SP to 128G Memory.

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