64G 256G Nand Flash Memory IC Chip For iPhone 8P X HDD Error Fix

Opton: i8-64G


64G / 256GB iPhone Nand memory IC chip for Harddisk error fix of iPhone 8/8P X, HDD Nand flash memory harddisk chip for iPhone 8/8P, iPhone phone Error 9/4014 expand capacity / memory and program serial No.

64G 256G Nand Flash Memory IC Chip Replacement Parts For iPhone 8 8P X Eerror Fix (Not brand new, it is used NAND, just working well)

[ Optional Nand Memory IC ] :
  • Option 1: iPhone 8 64G
  • Option 2: iPhone 8 256G
  • Option 3: iPhone 8P 64G
  • Option 4: iPhone 8P 256G
  • Option 5: iPhone X 64G
  • Option 6: iPhone X 256G

Function : Change iPhone NAND underlying data, Serial Number SN / Model / Country / Color modification, Re-writing the right underlying data, with SN number (WIFI / BT address), Replace Old Nand Flash on iPhone, upgrade the Memory Storage, and repair Damaged iPhone 8/8P/X Nand Flash

For Apple Nand flash chips ( iPhone / iPad HDD) :
  1. Not brand new, it is used NAND, just working well;
  2. With some underfill, you should do some cleaning and reballing dispsal before use it;
  3. 100% tested by our special iPhone NAND Test fixture tool, but not surely 100% for your using because of skills of soldering. Usually above 95% for your using as the experience of repairman in china;
  4. Brand: Hynix, Toshiba, Sandisk, few Samsung;
  5. We just remove from iPhone or iPad, and test by our special Apple NAND;
  6. Please tell your needed model, capacity, quantity, brand new or used ones by email.

Features :
  1. Second hand used.
  2. 100% tested with high quality.
  3. Special use for iPhone 8 / 8 Plus / X.
  4. Replacing your broken,damaged or unusable Hardisk NAND flash memory IC, or solve error 9 or error 4014. 128GB and 256GB nand flasch chip can use for expand capacity

Please send your serial NO. (or imei) and Wifi address when placing order if you need programming

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