6pcs Stainless Steel Dual Ends Pry Bar For Phone Opening Repair Tool



6Pcs phone opening repair tool, 6pcs/set stainless steel dual ends pry bar tool for mobile phone, 6pcs steel dismantling bar tool for mobile phone opening repair tool, professional stainless steel dual-end crowbar spudger set opening repair tool for iPhone / Samsung / iPad opening.

6pcs Dual Ends Pry Bar Pry Opening Repair Tool For Phone Opening DIY FIX Tool

Description :
6-IN-1 phone Opening Repair Tool, for iPhone / Samsong / iPxd Opening Prying Bar Repair Tools Set. Professional Dual-End pry bar Crowbar Set. 6-IN-1 Stainless Steel Spudger Opening Tool. DIY FIX Phone Tool

6-IN-1 phone Opening Repair Tool kit / Dual-End pry bar Crowbar Set for FIX Phone

This phone repair tool kit is suitable for Samsung /for iphone /for iPad / Tablets...

6-IN-1 phone pry bar is composed of special steel casting, with high hardness and toughness, durable anti slip rubber coated handle, comfortable feel.

The head through the special design, suitable for various operation machine; multi lever head design, various angles can solve the problem of digital products. DIY FIX Phone Tool

1. All-metal material, good hardness, reliable quality, durable
2. Anti-skid design of medium rod, more smoothly used
3. Point pry is easy to plug into small gap
4. Flat-headed prying sheets facilitate shelling and maintain the degree of shelling
5. Unique appearance design, beautiful and easy to carry
6. Suitable for the disassembly of many kinds of mobile phone electronic instruments and equipment

6pcs x Pry Bars

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