7-45X Integrated Trinocular Microscope with 10.6 inch Display Screen



Fool-style 0.7-4.5X Integrated Trinocular Stereo Microscope with Display Screen + HDMI output + USB2.0 output interface

0.7-4.5X Trinocular Integrated Microscope has the HDMI output + USB2.0 output interface, All-In-One Portable optical magnification for phone logic board repair with 0.4X camera interface eyepiece. Continuous zoom adjustable range is ±5 diopters trinocular spectroscopy imaging

Product Parameters:

  • Display: 10.6 inch IPS full-angle display, can be rotated 270°, left and right, can be folded 180°, back and forth
  • Digital Camera: 1/2.8 inch, 2 million pixels
  • Image Resolution: 1920*1080
  • Frame Rate: 45 frames/second
  • Output interface: HDMI output + USB2.0 output
  • Optical Magnification: 7-45X
  • Electronic Magnification 13-104 (standard 10.6 inch) 20-245X (21 inch) Max 1000X
  • Camera Interface Eyepiece: 0.4X (large viewing angle, no vignetting)
  • Observation Head: inclined at 45, and the viewing binocular observation head can make 360, the adjustment range of interpupillary distance: 54-76mm, both eyepiecestalk visibility can be adjusted, and adjustable range is ±5 diopters, trinocular spectroscopy imaging
  • Continuous Zoom 1 : 6.5
  • Eyepiece: wide field, high-point eyepiece WF10X20, it can observe image of observation specimen with glasses
  • Working Distance: Standard working distance 100mm, but extended range of working distance is 30mm-265mm with auxiliary objectives
  • Auxiliary illuminant: 72 high-brightness ∮5mm LED lamp beads, brightness can be adjusted
  • Bracket: optional flat bracket, base with tablet and φ? 95mm black and white work board
  • Column Height 240mm
  • Column Diameter 32mm
  • Base Size 200×255×22mm

Menu Functions: Chinese and English OSD menu, brightness, sharpness, color saturation, auto exposure, monochrome, wide dynamic, auto white balance, one-key white balance, red, green, blue, default, Chinese and English, vertical mirroring, horizontal mirroring, negative film, contrast on the same screen, line group, 8 vertical lines, 8 Horizontal lines , Line colors, Line widths

External devices: Computer (camera, video) display (different sizes are available), can be observed and synchronize in time

Optional Eyepiece: WF15X15mm, WF20X10mm, WF25X9mm, WF30X8mm
Optional Accessory Objective: 0.3X.0.5X.0.75X.1X.1.5X.2.0X

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