7Pcs Phone Screen Battery Replace Tool Kit Electronics Screwdriver Set



7Pcs Magnetic Screwdriver Set Electronics Repair Tool Kit for iPhone 6 7 8 X XR XS XR X 11 Pro Max Repair Hand Tools Kit

- Non-slip screwdriver handle and magnetic tips.
- Professional repair tools help you to get assistance during repairing devices.
- Suits for Disassembling and Opening iPhone / Mobile Phones Screen / Electronics Repair.
- Compatible for repairing mobile phones, tablet PCs, glasses,screens, camera, etc.

Material: Plastic and steel
Color: Orange
Number: 7 pcs / Kit
Weight: approximately 150g
Application: Mobile phone, Computer, Laptop, Tablets PC Repair, Screen Removal.

Package Included: 1Set (7Pcs) Phone Repair Tools
1x Phillips screw driver: 1.5mm 
1x Five-star screw driver: 0.8
1x Y-type screw driver: 0.6mm
1x Medium plate screw driver: 2.5mm
1x Big triangle pry
1x Small triangle pry
1x Suction cup

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